DSG reaches new milestone

Dynamic Solutions Group, Inc., is proud to announce that we have reached a milestone in our 11-year history, by reaching 20 employees.

DSG has consistently grown, even through the downturn in the economy. With excellent customer service, premium service offerings, competitive pricing and community involvement, we have become and continue to remain a premiere small and midsize business IT solutions provider.

With locations in Tampa Bay and Chicago, we can help your business increase efficiency while reducing costs by leveraging today’s top technologies and best practices in implementation and integration with your existing systems. DSG is a Microsoft Partner, Microsoft Small Business Specialist, Digium Switchvox Select Reseller and a proud member of the Apple Consultants Network.

With service offerings in the areas of IT, Managed Services, Cloud Services, and Unified Communications, we almost certainly have a solution that can help your business succeed.

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Interlink brings mobile access and enhanced features to CommitCRM

Accurate time tracking and client communication are critical to the success of today’s IT service providers, MSPs and computer repair businesses. However, technicians often struggle to capture their billable time and update ticket notes in an efficient and effective manner. Often distracted with other work, technicians sometimes wait for days to enter time and send follow up communications, which in turn greatly increases the risk of missing critical billable time and often straining client relationships due to the lack of timely communication.  With this in mind, DSG DevStudio built Interlink for CommitCRM.

Interlink for CommitCRM is built using CommitCRM’s extensible API to allow complete read/write access to most CommitCRM features via a multitude of browser based mobile devices including: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 devices as well as cross browser support for the most popular desktop browsers including: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Fluid and others.
Interlink is also much more then just mobile access to your CommitCRM data!  It builds on the great feature set provided by CommitCRM with a full-featured client portal, advanced reporting, automated service level monitoring, and much more. Combining a front-end interface built for ease of use with sophisticated process workflows to streamline data-entry.  Interlink for CommitCRM helps IT service providers, MSPs and computer repair businesses operate more efficiently and to faster capture more billable time.

Read more about Interlink for CommitCRM on the DSG DevStudio Blog

Digium Switchvox Text-to-Speech IVR Solution

After being presented a challenge to create an automated IVR solution to allow for automated self-service provider lookups via the telephone we ran into a challenge with how to present over 7500 different providers names back to the callers. Knowing that we couldn't record all the different provider names, we thought we were out of luck as there is no text-to-speech built-in to the Digium Switchvox systems. We were able to overcome the challenge by building a linux based IVR application that takes the input from the caller via the IVR and looks up the provider information. Once the provider information is determined the information is spoken back to the caller via our text-to-speech solution.

The solution is flexible and performance seems extremely fast. The text-to-speech enhancements now available combined with the other powerful IVR options of the Digium Switchvox opens up even more possibilities to automate customer service functions 24x7x365.

For more information contact Dynamic Solutions Group today! DSG is a Digium Select Reseller and 3rd Party Integrator for the entire Switchvox line.

Sage Act integration with Digium Switchvox

After numerous combinations and testing we finally have a working integration between Sage Act and Digium Switchvox. The integration allows dialing from within Act from a contact record and inbound calls that match based on Caller ID information will automatically bring up the corresponding contact record plus launch the history window to capture the details of the call. Interested in learning more about integrating Act! with Digium Switchvox, contact Dynamic Solutions Group today. We are a Digium Select Reseller and 3rd Party Integrator for the entire Switchvox line.