Adobe InDesign CS3 Crashes on Startup msvcrt.dll

Leave it to me to find a challenge / bug or whatever you want to call it in the new Adobe InDesign CS3. So I setup a brand new Dell OptiPlex 745, Windows XP SP2, 4 GB Ram, 250 GB HD, Core 2 Duo get the picture. The machine was not part of a domain (yet), I installed all the MS Updates and then install Adobe CS3 Design Standard on to the machine. Launched InDesign and it seemed fine, used it to test convert a PageMaker file.

So in prep of setting the computer up at the users desk I joined to the Domain and logged in as the user to setup Outlook, etc. - So I launch InDesign to do some more testing and as it is loading "starting up service registry" it crashes, details show msvcrt.dll as the offender. I went so far as to uninstall and reinstall CS3 which takes a while, with the same results. I log in as the administrator on the computer (the user that originally installed it) and it worked fine. So I downloaded Microsoft's (Sysinternal's) RegMon with no real red flags there I downloaded FileMon. As I ran FileMon I noticed right before it started to create the Adobe Dump file that it was going through printer files. So I checked to make sure that I had a printer installed on the machine (some programs don't like when there is no printer installed on the machine) and found that is was set to our connected copier by default. For ShiGrins I changed the default to the AdobePDF printer and restarted InDesign - Magically it launched without any problems.

I rebooted and tested again and again and it seems to be working now, even after I set the default printer back to the one it was originally.