Apple iPhone Sync Exchange Contacts and Calendar with iPhone

Getting asked a lot on how to sync contacts and calendar from Exchange down to the iPhone. So this is how I have mine setup using my MacBook Pro and Entourage. First I setup my Entourage client to connect to my Exchange server using OWA address (which works awesome by the way).

Once that is working, go into Entourage Preferences and goto "Sync Services", put a check mark in the "Synchronize contacts with Address Book and .Mac" and in the "Address Book:" drop down box I chose "Contacts [DSG Exchange Server]"

Now in iTunes under iPhone Info I have my Contacts sync setup as follows:

Now for Calendar in Itunes under iPhone Info I have my Calendar sync setup as follows:

After completing these steps, sync your iPhone and you should now have your contacts on your iPhone. Works great for me, hopefully it will work for you as well!

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