Search Engine Optimization of New Site

We are currently working on optimizing our new site for the search engines. We have many exciting products and services to offer our clients, but the current pages do not rank well in the search engines.

Our obvious focus is Google since based on the last search engine survey that I saw as high as 85% of all external links coming into a website come from the Google Monster. Google currently holds a huge share of the market. Yahoo has recently branched out on its own severing its ties with Google. In the past Yahoo pulled its results from Google as many of the other search engines still do. The search engine market is becoming smaller and smaller with the big players buying the smaller players up and some just giving up on the search engines all together. The four major competitors stand in the world of search engines are Google, Yahoo, Microsoft (MSN) and Ask Jeeves. Microsoft has dedicated a team of specialist to their search engine development. Microsoft is a late comer in the game. Until recently they did not focus on their search engine with the same intensity that Microsoft seems to dedicate to every other aspect of the world of technology. Realizing they were getting left behind, Microsft has now decided to develop their own search engine in an attempt to compete with Google and Yahoo.

Of the four major search engines, Google's results have always been very accurate. Google's algorythm has produced consistantly over the years. They have had times where they were beta testing different things and you could not get acceptable results in some areas, but these issues always seem to work themselves out over time.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. Unfortunately there are companies out that that use the set it and forget it mentality when it comes to search engine optimization. This may have some success initially, but over time search enigines will change their rules, buy out other companies and integrating their systems and customers, and your competitors will change their pages with the goal of out ranking your site. Because of these changes, search engine optimization is something you must constantly to stay ahead of your competition.

A common mistake people make when it comes to search engine optimization is to use these free search engine submission services. These services will never deliver the results you want. In fact they can actually slow down you climb to the top of the search engines. Paying to have your site included is also not recommended. I have several sites at the top of major search engines that require payment for inclusion. I never paid a dime to be included in any of them. A good search engine will find your site over time and often your page will reach the top of the search engines just as quickly as if you had paid for the inclusion.

The bottom line is that if you absolutely have to be at the top of the search engines, then let a professional search engine specialist help you. They will research to find out what people are searching for and make sure your site is optimized correctly and indexed correctly for the highest possible placement in the search engines.

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