Review of D-Link Hotspot Gateway DSA-3100

I was able to review a new device today. I received the D-Link DSA-3100 Public / Private Hotspot Gateway. Being a web designer I have not had a lot of networking experiences. Most of my networking projects have been with Linksys Routers (BEFSR41 and WRT54G).

I was given this project because of the ability to build a custom web interface right into the networking device. This device allows you to setup a hotspot where you can have either a hardwired network or wireless network and allow visitors to log in and gain access to the network. The device will manage up to 250 users and will allow for 50 users to be logged into your network at a time. You can split off a private network from your visitor's network so that your information on your internal network stays secure.

The interface on the Hotspot Gateway is very nice. The menus are layed out and easy to understand. The help button on the interface is seriously lacking though. It will give you a brief one sentence statement about a tabe with 5-10 buttons. Hardly enough information, but the menus themselves are straightforward and easy to understand. If you have ever configured a router you should have no problem with this device. The installation manual is pretty brief also, but the CD contains a PDF with the full manual.

This item is great for a business that would like to have a wireless hotspot either for visitors to the business or say maybe an employee lunch room. The ability to use either a switch or a wireless access point makes the device flexible for many types of environments. The custom log in and log off screens add a nice touch to this device, allowing you to customize the look and feel of the login and logoff screens. You can also choose what URL to direct your visitors to once they have logged in. The D-Link DSA-3100 will also allow you to setup a guest account with a timer that will cut off access after a certain period of time.

I like what I have seen from the D-link DSA-3100 and with a price tag of right around $450.00 it is something you can make your money back on in no time if you decide to charge for access.

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