Cloud Based File Storage and Collaboration for Business

Cloud based storage and collaboration has become an increasingly competitive space in 2012.  With hefty offerings from Google and Microsoft this past month, as well as existing offerings from Dropbox, Amazon, Box, and numerous others, cloud based file storage, at a minimum has reached the mainstream, and is here to stay.

While the companies listed above are competing heavily to grab everyday consumers, Egnyte, another Silicon Valley company has chosen to take a different approach.  Egnyte was founded to deliver cloud based storage and collaboration solutions to address the more complex needs of businesses. In 2008, Egnyte launched it’s cloud based file server solution to provide on-demand infrastructure services to small, medium and large businesses, and has continually received acclaim and recognition for their product since.

Where Egnyte differs from many other services is that it only focuses on paying business customers. These customers have different needs for cloud solutions and Egnyte offers a great solution with it’s HybridCloud. This whitepaper from Egnyte shows a comparison with Box, and is an excellent demonstration of why Egnyte is a superior business driven solution.

HybridCloud offers businesses a way to access and share files with team members, while at the same time allowing IT to control and monitor all access. With a new streamlined HTML5 interface, and apps on every major mobile platform, Egnyte plugs seamlessly into nearly any existing infrastructure. The Object Store Architecture allows scaling to 1 billion files and supports 10,000 concurrent users. End-to-end encryption ensures the ability for IT to protect data.

Dynamic Solutions Group is a reseller of Egnyte, and have successfully implemented many integrations with our clients.  If you would like to schedule an online demo of Egnyte with a DSG representative, please click below and let us know. 

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