CommitCRM with Interlink Client Intake Workflow

We are hard at work completing the client intake portion of Interlink. This part of Interlink provides the client with a simple web form that they use to select a location/department, choose priority and enter contact information for call back. This input form then notifies either a location approver or company level approver so that they can login to view the tickets awaiting approval. The approver can approve, approve with comments or cancel a ticket waiting for approval. Once approved a history note is created within CommitCRM with approval details and then based on the setting within Interlink for that client the engineer is notified and the ticket is moved to their queue in CommitCRM.

This workflow greatly simplifies the creation of tickets and allows for documented approvals. In addition when the client receives their QuickBooks invoice they log into the Interlink portal and enter the invoice number and they instantly get a breakdown of the charges by location/department. This reduces the time it takes clients to code and back charge within their company their IT charges.

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