Microsoft Response Point

See How Easy... a small business phone system can be.

Finally, there's a small business phone system designed to meet your needs. Delivered on leading-edge hardware, Microsoft Response Point is innovative phone system software that's easy to use, manage, and grow, helping you save time and money with:

* Automated Receptionist
* Innovative voice recognition technology
* Quick user setup
* VoIP-enabled

Easy to use
Response Point lets you access phones, contacts, and features using only your voice-all with the push of a blue button. Thanks to Microsoft's award-winning speech recognition technology, you simply tell your phone what to do.

Easy to manage
Management of standard phone systems requires extensive training and networking expertise. Response Point empowers you to complete phone moves, additions, or changes with just a few quick mouse clicks. Microsoft's familiar and intuitive visual interface guides you through the simple installation process, step by step. And integration with Microsoft Office Outlook means you can use the Response Point Assistant to voice dial your Outlook contacts, enhancing the way you already communicate.

Easy to grow
Response Point empowers you to expand your phone system as your business grows. Average PC users can add new phones in minutes. And by leveraging the benefits of Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Response Point makes it incredibly easy and cost effective to add new phone lines-without the wiring hassles of a traditional phone system.

Response Point puts powerful technology-previously too expensive and complicated to install and manage-right into your hands. Delivered on industry-leading hardware Response Point is a complete, affordable phone system that grows with your small business.

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